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How We Interact with Our Clients

At Andes Group, we specialize in reinventing the marketing wheel for telecommunications and, government assistance program clients. We stand out among the opponents because of our strategic marketing approach. We believe that direct marketing is more powerful than indirect methods. We only focus on live campaigns that better connect with consumers and disseminate extensive knowledge of our client's products. This direct approach has earned us collective success and helped establish a brand image for our clients, enabling us to play a unique role in their business's success.

Developing Talent

We put the training and tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips. We know that knowledge is the key to growth, so we've made it the heart of our culture. As you explore the quickest path to achieving your goals, you'll master everything you need to know, from our creative outreach methods to critical business and communication skills. And you can forget about those mundane training videos and outdated manuals.

Here we make learning engaging by providing real-world experience

Here we make learning engaging by providing real-world experience by taking a deep dive into the compliance issues that affect the industries you serve.

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We thrive on collaboration and learning in a fast-paced environment.

We want to ignite people's enthusiasm by providing growth in many shapes. 

We do this by providing:

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Keep Advancing

The environment at Andes Group is fast-paced. Our team consists of professional, ambitious people who keep up with the industry's pace and intensity. We are continually creating a workplace where our associates can feel at home. Here, upward mobility and promotion depend on an individual's merit and effort. We have built our merit system to allow our people to move into higher positions by delivering high-quality work and proving themselves. We hold the bar high and like seeing enthusiastic people achieve their full potential.

Career Opportunities

At Andes Group Inc. we're fortunate to work with a team that shares our strategic mindset

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  • Amazing service! Josh and Courday did an amazing job at setting up some phones for us and our neighbors today. They were patients and super friendly. Thank you for a great job!

    P Jordan

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    Bradley Monnig