Sales & Marketing Firm in California

The Andes Group Difference

Our Andes Group team is revolutionizing how telecom businesses and government-funded outreach programs gain new customers in an overly crowded marketplace. Our energetic team consists of highly trained specialists who recognize the value of acting swiftly to outpace the competition and boost our clients' profitability. They are brilliant and can connect data with inventiveness to enhance brand visibility in new markets.

In addition to our passion for marketing, we believe in promoting talent. That's why we invest in training and development. We offer and deliver a wide range of professional development programs that will help you build your career path on your own. One factor that makes us unique and special is our culture, where potential individuals can learn the right skills and be encouraged and nurtured.

Life at Andes Group

Our team is our greatest asset as they push us to be better, focusing on our offering with an undying commitment. Therefore, we love our team above all and recognize the power of diversity, both in cultures and ideas. We are dedicated to lifelong learning and continuously challenge ourselves to better our services, processes, and procedures. At Andes Group, individuals are more than just employees; they are also a part of the more meaningful journey full of possibilities to discover their true potential.

We look for people from all settings and backgrounds to add to our team. The people who find their home at Andes Group are those who are:

  • Looking to embark on a new career

    We encourage our people to work with the industry's brightest minds in our diverse organization. We will engage you in training and mentorship and introduce you to industry-leading businesses from day one. Our program provides critical business training in just six months. You will learn all that it takes to capture an audience's attention and create maximum revenue during this time. This education program caters to each person's needs.

  • Engaged in building business skills with long-term benefits

    As a new hirer, you will be part of a culture that will help you polish your skills as you engage in our training program. This training will let you dive right into our everyday operations from day one. You will learn hands-on by designing presentations, executing campaigns, and interacting with consumers. The eventual goal is to understand the skills you can pass on to others. Such direct company involvement also helps you build your skills faster, stronger and more competitively.

  • Hungry to work hard and prove themselves

    Our team is the most critical element of our long-term success. So it's no surprise, then, the amount of time and resources we pour into building a competitive benefits package for all associates. We're here to reward your achievements. It's simple. We recognize each individual for a job well-done, and present attractive incentives and additional benefits to those who achieve success by meeting and often exceeding clearly defined and measurable objectives.

Leaders Who Care

As soon as you join our team, we pair you with a seasoned leader devoted to your training. Giving clear, one-on-one guidance, your coach makes sure you feel positive and motivated at every step. Above all, our mentors know what it takes to achieve your goals because they began their careers here, too. Rest assured that they'll lead you to success as smoothly as possible because they've been there. They know how to deliver the best support and personalized instruction you need to grow and excel. We'll equip you with every tool you need to excel; it's up to you to put them to work.

Meaningful Perks

Every day, life at Andes Group is determined by an environment of support and respect for the individual. We thrive on collaboration and learning in a fast-paced environment. We draw energy from our open, diverse settings to be our true selves. Together, all these traits make us who we are and define why people want to do business with us. When you join us, you get much more than job role responsibilities; you get a career and the freedom to be who you want to be. We want to ignite people's enthusiasm by providing growth in many shapes.

We do this by providing:

  • Hands-on Feedback
  • Rapid Growth Potential
  • Team Building Events
  • Flexible Environment
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Personal Coaching
  • Professional Development
  • Executive Mentorship

At Andes Group, we support and reward individual drive and team excellence. We cherish seeing our people feed off each other's success. To join us, please send us a cover letter and your resumé to